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Sarah's Life
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Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in Sarah Price's LiveJournal:

Saturday, December 7th, 2013
9:14 am
So happy!
Been a while since I've updated. Been either busy working, sleeping or suffering badly with morning sickness. Had an extra scan yesterday, my 12 week scan and early scan had both put me 3 weeks early so I assumed I would still get a 12 week scan but as I'd had good scans with a strong heartbeat they said I was now low risk and couldn't have a 12 week scan. I'd turned down the nuchal test (which checks the folds at the back of the neck and you have a lifestyle, age and family history questionnaire as well as a blood test and they tell you your risk of having a baby with disabilities) I wouldn't abort a child anyway and I know people who've been told they're high risk only to give birth to 'normal' healthy babies so why worry myself with the tests. Also if you are high risk they then almost force you to do the amniocentesis which has a risk of miscarriage. I was fine with this at 9 weeks but then the closer I got to 12 weeks (when the miscarriage risk drops dramatically and the stage when I found out my baby had died last time as well as being the year anniversary of my miscarriage the more I panicked so I rang my midwife and asked if I could change my mind about the nuchal test. Part of the test is an ultrasound at 11.6 weeks to 13.6 weeks. So I was so happy yesterday to have another scan. Paul refused to come with me as he said I'm worrying needlessly as we've had 2 good scans (which he'd been at) and he really didn't want me to have the nuchal test. I went for the test straight from a night shift with an uncomfortably full bladder. The sonographer started the scan and I saw the heartbeat and baby wiggling away in there, baby was not impressed with the full bladder and wouldn't stay still so I had to half empty my bladder. Ever tried half emptying your bladder, not easy! Anyway had to walk around a bit and then was scanned again. Baby kept throwing its head back and was touching it's nose, I'm sure it was picking its nose tho! The good news was that baby would not keep still enough to do the nuchal test, tho she said from what she can see the neck folds look fine, I admitted I wasn't really bothered. She have me the blood form for the blood test but told me to feel free to throw it away if I didn't want it so Paul's happy and I'm happy, yay! Megan's so happy she's gonna have a brother or sister. Scan also put me 5 days ahead and I was told this stage dating is more accurate so to ignore previous due date. That makes me due fri 13th June, who wants to start the sweepstake with a 6lb 6oz demon child called Damien born at 6.06, lol. Getting a bump now, looks more fat than baby still but it's less flabby and more solid. Haven't actually put on any weight though despite the lack of fitting trousers so I'm sure the morning sickness diet has helped. Once I start feeling more human and can live off more than toast and sandwiches I will rejoin slimming world. Feeling a lot more relaxed today so let's hope I can start to enjoy my pregnancy soon xx
Monday, June 17th, 2013
6:05 pm
Today would have been the day of my due date. I'm not as tearful about it as I thought I would be. We've had a nice day off together snuggled on the sofa watching films and doing DIY in our new house where we hope to stay long term now. Hopefully now its the due date I can stop counting the weeks and the grief will further heal. I'm coping better with today than I thought I would. I have a wonderful partner and step daughter and I'm so happy with our life. It's just this small piece that seems to be missing from our life. I'm confident it will happen as it's happened once before I just wish it would hurry up as we've been trying 2 and a half years now.

Current Mood: thoughtful
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